CATLab Begins

Students enter our Westmont Downtown office building and start working on learning things I’ve been doing for a couple years now. They show no fear, but dive right in. In a couple months, they will surpass me in knowledge and experience with Salesforce development. They are part of our new student internship program for the summer of 2019 which we call CATLab, our Center for Applied Technology.

We had a similar project last summer where we hired seven Computer Science, Data Analytics, and Math students to build out a custom user interface and database structure in Salesforce for our Advancement Department here at Westmont College. It was a blazing success. Not only did we create a robust system, we did it on schedule- in plenty of time to meet our deadline- and with little issues after the migration. Even more, they gained real-world experience developing Aura components, coding triggers in Apex, and migrating data.

This summer our ambition is to start mapping out a migration for the Admission Department’s Salesforce org. It seems an impossible task when you look at it from the endpoint, but breaking it down into smaller tasks that will be accomplished by teams of two to three people makes it conceivable. And then breaking it down even more into one to two week projects starts to make it achievable. We have our work cut out for us.

As we gather for the first training day of the summer, we are all excited with anticipation of what we will do, who we will work with, which component we will take on, and what challenges we will face. The students are enthusiastically up to the task. And their energy is contagious. Oh, the things we will do!